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Warm, Hearty, Spicy and Sweet.

Its was a long difficult year 2020 but here we are 2021. Lets make the best of it by eating what is best for our soul as well as our bodies. For most of us working from home or simply just being home...woof, its been quite a challenge. Balancing our daily consumption of food and maintaining our weight is one of them. While on the one hand we have more time to exercise we also have the capability of eating the wrong foods. Well I asked myself, hmm.."how do i balance feeling completely satiated and guilt free?"

Allow me to introduce this penne pasta with moroccan sausage, kobucha squash, fennel, leeks with a light tomato sauce and bay leaf. Yes thats cheese, pecorino cheese which I prefer over parmesan any day. To me parmesan cheese needs the company of another cheese for the most part.

The sausage is not homemade. I purchased this Moroccan Merguez sausage from Citarella at their upper west side location, which is their original location in Manhattan NY. I've been buying these for years. It is my favorite Merguez recipe so far.

( I will be discussing my favorite places to shop for high quality provisions in New York City the future)

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